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Helicopter Tour
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About Trip

There are many ways to enjoy the magnificence of Nepal’s towering peaks and scenic hills and valleys. Touring the spectacular terrain of the world’s highest range of peaks from the air is a relatively new option.  A helicopter journey offers a unique view that will be staggering and unforgettable. We have designed our helicopter tours for visitors with a limited schedule so that they can get as close as possible to the world’s biggest mountains on a thrilling ride.

Trekking is an overland journey that can take weeks to get as close to where a helicopter can be in an about an hour. We also offer longer and shorter tours depending on your preferences. Additionally, people on the ground will have the perspective of looking up at the mountains. The perspective from a helicopter is entirely different and gives the overall layout of the staggering landscape and unbelievable views of the mountains very close. From the comfort of the helicopter you get to witness the snowy peaks, glaciers, icy walls, high mountain lakes, alpine pastures and mind-blowing scenery. The helicopter makes it all available to you without spending time hiking on the trails.

Our helicopter tours can be arranged from both Pokhara and Kathmandu. We can take you to the popular destinations with views of eight of the world’s ten highest peaks including the tallest of all, Everest. The helicopter can also get you to more remote sections of Nepal with breathtaking peaks and scenery along the Himalaya including glimpses into Tibet.

In addition to a chopper tour, some people wish to combine adventures and include a trekking journey after accessing an area by helicopter. Our helicopter tours can get us quickly and easily to the popular routes and more remote areas beyond the main routes. You will then have time to explore the landscape on foot without having along hike in to the location.  

In addition to mountain tours, we offer helicopter tours of the jungle plains as well as city and hill tours. Getting above the land with an aerial view offers the best of Nepal’s natural and cultural sights with a completely different and astonishing perspective. Let us know your details and desires and we will take care of the rest leaving you to enjoy every minute of the experience.