About Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is a thrill like no other in the Himalaya. Nepal is a land of adventure and if you want to really get your adrenaline pumping then our bungee jumping experience is for you! We have two jump sites. One is a short drive from Pohara and the other is a drive from Kathmandu to a location 160 m over the rushing Bhote Kosi River.

If you are ready then we will provide an unforgettable leap from the high platform. You will have the experience of a lifetime as you plummet down through mid air. Eventually the bungee cord catches you and you enjoy even more of the jump as you rise back up and bounce a few times high above the valley.  

The excitement of bungee jumping is a perfect combination for whitewater rafting, pre- or post-trek and other adventurous journeys in Nepal. The drive to the serene launching point will provide a glimpse of life in Nepal outside the city as we travel through rural landscape. Enjoy the peaceful views before the thrills of a lifetime. Our specially trained technicians will take care of all the safety and gear checks…all you have to do is jump and enjoy.  

Depending on where we make our jump, you have the option to stay overnight at a regional resort or return to Pokhara or Kathmandu.  Many people also join a river rafting trip that is an ideal complement to the bungee jump experience. Relax and rejuvenate on a Himalayan fed river as you float along the peaceful waters.

Bungee jumping is must do experience for the adventure seekers visiting Nepal. Leave the arrangements to us and enjoy every moment of the thrilling experience. We can arrange daily departures from Kathmandu and Pokhara.