About Guerrilla Trek

Guerrilla Trek is a newly opened trekking route in Nepal. It is an opportunity to explore the trails used by the Maoists during the period of decade-long insurgency. This journey goes through the unscathed terrain of Myagdi, Rukum and Rolpa districts where the route includes numerous breathtaking sceneries through the nucleus of past conflict zone. Guerrilla Trek is now a war tourism product exhibiting a decade-long struggle.

The 15-days Guerrilla Trek starts from Beni, skirts Baglung, passes Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve and goes on to Rukum and ends in Rolpa, the most affected area during the insurgency period. Spectacular views of Mt. Api (7132m), Mt. Saipal (7030m) and Dhaulagiri Range are major tourist attractions. The biodiversity in this trek route is remarkable as you get to see mountain goats, blue sheep’s, Himalayan Monal (Danphe) and different kinds of vegetation. The landscape, Rocky Mountains, paddy fields, caves, pine forests, and waterfalls are a treat to watch in this journey. Trekkers along this route can retrace the footsteps of the Maoists guerrillas and visualize how they hiked and fought in such hilly terrain. Moreover, this trek also gives an insight into the culture and ethnic variety in the region. Magar, Chhetri, Brahmin, Dalit people can be seen during the journey who are mostly involved in farming and animal husbandry. Kham culture is a unique feature of northern Rolpa and eastern Rukum. The Khams are a subgroup of the Magar community with distinctive customs and unique language of Tibeto-Burman family. The best time to travel is in autumn (Sep-Oct-Nov) and spring (March-April-May).  It takes an average walking period of 5-6 hours per day and the mode of accommodation is either lodge or homestay.

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Outline Itinerary

  • Day 1Arrival in Kathmandu.
  • Day 2Kathmandu to Beni (830 m).
  • Day 3Beni to Takam (1,675 m).
  • Day 4Takam to Lamsung (2,190 m).
  • Day 5Lamsung to Gurjaghat (3,015 m).
  • Day 6Gurjaghat to Dhorpatan (2,870 m).
  • Day 7Dhorpatan to Niseldhor (2,620 m).
  • Day 8Niseldhor to Tallo Sera (2,185 m).
  • Day 9Tallo Sera to Rujhikhola (2,862 m).
  • Day 10Rujhikhola to Thawang (1,975 m).
  • Day 11Thawang to Jaljala (3,090 m).
  • Day 12Jaljala to Jelbang (1,635 m).
  • Day 13Jelbang to Sulichaur (830 m).
  • Day 14Sulichaur to Kathmandu.
  • Day 15Transfer to Airport for your final departure from Nepal
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