People and Language of Nepal

Nepal has got about 3 million of people, according to the latest national record. 125 types of ethnic groups and 123 spoken languages are found in Nepal. Every ethnic communities have their own distinct language along with the nationally spoken Nepali language. Even the same language can differ according to the dialect. Nepali language is used in all the governmental institutions. Beside this, English is widely spoken throughout the country in the recent context. 

The Himalayan region:

The Himalayan region lies in the northern part of Nepal. Tibetan influenced communities are dominant in this region like, Sherpa in the Khumbu region, Tamang in the Langtang region, Bhotiyas in the Manaslu region, Mustang region and others. They celebrate Buddhist festivals and speak their distinct language.  

The Middle Hills and Valley:

The middle hill region is populated by the mixed communities. Brahmins, chhetriyas, ethnic communities and so called untouchable groups as Damai, Kami and Sarki. But castes are divided to manage the occupation during the Shah dynasty in Nepal. The Kathmandu city of Nepal also lies in the middle hill territory, which is a melting pot of various cultures and people with diverse language. Newars are the typical local group of this valley and later people from different parts of Nepal live in this valley. 

The Terai Region:

The Terai region is also known as the grain house in Nepal. It is dominated by the indigenous people. Tharus, Darai, Kumhal, Majhi are major indigenous groups along with Maithili and Bhojpuri speaking communities, whose language and culture are similar to the Indian people. Working on agriculture, fishings and trade are the popular occupation of the people in Terai region.