About Mount Kailash Mansarovar Tour

Mount Kailash Mansarovar Tour is a trip that offers you an opportunity to explore the cultural mysteries of Tibet along with the naturally stunning scenery. It can be also recognized as a pilgrimage trip to Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar Lake that are the most sacred natural destinations for the Hindu and Buddhist devotees, where they dream to make a pilgrimage trip in Tibet. It offers a wonderful spiritual solace for the travelers with eternal satisfaction. 

The tour to Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar begins from Kathmandu with a drive to Nylam, the Tibetan territory, close to Nepal. The Tibetan high land itself lays around 3500 meters altitude and this tour crosses over 5200 meters. The long drive over the high altitude region makes you stunningly awe-inspiring. The Myalum La Pass before arriving to Mansarovar Lake is an example of that. The tour takes a form of trekking with a sacred foot hill journey at Mt. Kailash Kora. The walking trip begins from Darchen, walking everyday about 6-8 hours. Walking at the base of the most sacred peak in Tibet, Mt. Kailash, you get the blessings of the Himalayas. It is regarded as the most sacred journey through various high passes. The walking route goes via Dirphuk, Zutulpuk and crossing the Domala Pass at 5630 meters, the Kailash Kora trek concludes at Darchen. Driving via Saga, the tour ultimately takes you back to Nylam and transfer to Kathmandu.

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Outline Itinerary

  • Day 1Drive Kathmandu (1,350m) to Nyalam(3,750m). Driving 6-7 hrs. Overnight at hotel.
  • Day 2Rest day for acclimatization at Nyalam. Overnight at hotel.
  • Day 3Drive from Nyalam to Saga. Driving 8-9 hrs. Overnight at camp.
  • Day 4Drive from Saga to Paryang (4,500m). Driving 7-8 hours. Overnight at camp.
  • Day 5Drive from Saga to Mayum La (5,200m). Driving 6-7 hrs. Overnight at camp.
  • Day 6Drive from Mayum La to Manasorovar Lake (4,550m). Overnight at Camp.
  • Day 7Exolore around Manasorovar lake and dive to Darchen(4,560m). Driving 1-2 hrs. Overnight at camp.
  • Day 8Trek/Kora around Mt. Kailash starts from Darchen to Dirphuk(4,890m). Walking 6-7 hrs. Overnight at camp.
  • Day 9Trek from Dirphuk to Zutulpuk (4,790m) via Domala Pass (5,630m). Walking 7-8 hrs. Overnight at camp.
  • Day 10End Trek/Kora at Darchen and drive to Horchu/Manasarovar. Walking 5-6 hrs. Overnight at Camp.
  • Day 11Drive from Manasarovar to Paryang. Overnight at camp.
  • Day 12Drive from Paryang to Saga. Overnight at camp.
  • Day 13Drive from Saga to Nyalam. Overnight at hotel.
  • Day 14Drive from Nyalam toKathmandu. Overnight at hotel.
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