About Indigenous Peoples Trail Trekking

Indigenous people trail trekking is a unique trekking experience where the major highlight is the culture and ethnicity. This trek will take you through an array of cultural, linguistic, and ethnic diversity. The Indigenous Peoples Trail Trekking is a journey to the cultures and traditions of indigenous communities of Nepal including Tamang, Newar, Sherpa, Thami, Majhi, and Yolmo. The religious tolerance between Buddhism and Hinduism and the uniqueness of each ethnic community will give you an experience, unlike any other treks. However, it does not go without saying that the trail offers breath-taking views of the mighty Himalayas beaming with pride whilst appreciating any trekkers who undertake the journey. 

 Launched in 2009, this 11-days trek lies in the Eastern part of Kathmandu and passes through Kathmandu, Kholakharka, ThuloSailung, Doramba, Khandadevi, Dongme, and Lubughat. The major attraction of this trek is undoubtedly the homestay. You will get an opportunity to observe and enjoy the lifestyles and tradition of different ethnic communities very closely. There will also be cultural performances, folk dances and music to brighten your evenings. You can also learn traditional fishing techniques in the Sun Koshi River from the Majhis. You will spend one of the homestay nights in the houses of Thami community; an endangered indigenous population. Apart from the cultural aspects, there are many natural wonders in this trail too. The view from ThuloSailung (3300 m) provides magnificent views of Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Rowling, and Everest ranges, rolling hills, and the meandering rivers. The Gaurighat cave below the summit of ThuloSailung is believed to be a source of fertility and health. Similarly, you can visit the Buddha Cave, Godawari Cave, 40-foot tall 'Thinghare' waterfall, Dorambha Valley, Senapati hill, and many more. Unlike other trekking destinations, this trek is possible to attempt even in the winter. This is a low elevation trek, lying only up to 2126 m above the sea level. Thus, the winters are not very harsh. So, if you are a culture enthusiast, and want to experience a punch of cultural flavors bursting, this trek is made for you.

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Outline Itinerary

  • Day 1Arrival at Kathmandu Airport and transfer to hotel. Overnight at hotel.
  • Day 2Kathmandu to Mude (2580 mt.) by bus and trek from Mude to Deurali (2,298 mt.). Driving 5 hours and walking for 3 hours. Overnight at the homestay.
  • Day 3Deurali to Kholakharka (2,948 mt.). Walking 6 hours. Overnight at the homestay.
  • Day 4Kholakharka to Surkey (1,842 mt.). Walking for 5 hours. Overnight at the homestay.
  • Day 5Surkey to Doramba (2,054 mt.). Walking 4 hours. Overnight at the homestay.
  • Day 6Doramba to Khandadevi (1,986 mt.). Walking for 5 hours. Overnight at the homestay.
  • Day 7Khandadevi to Dongme (1,982 mt.). Walking for 5 hours. Overnight at the homestay.
  • Day 8Dongme to Lubughat (818 mt.). Walking 4 hours. Overnight at the homestay.
  • Day 9Lubughat to Nepalthok and drive to Dhulikhel (1,650 mt.). Walking 3 hours and 2 hours. Overnight at the homestay.
  • Day 10Dhulikhel to Kathmandu by bus. Driving 2 hours. Overnight at the homestay.
  • Day 11Transfer to Airport for your final departure from Nepal
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