Message from Managing Director

Namaste and Welcome to Nepal,

We at High Camp Adventure look forward to sharing the wonders of our astonishing Himalayan country with you. Nepal has world famous attractions of staggering natural beauty, and if I may mention, Nepalese have become world famous for hospitality, too. We aim to continue that tradition and especially to make you feel like you are at home away from home during your travels. 
I have personally been in the trekking and tourism industry for nearly two decades. 
Join High Camp Adventure as we reveal eight out of the world’s ten highest peaks, breathtaking scenery, rich culture and traditions, former royal kingdoms and palaces, unique arts and crafts, World Heritage Sites, exotic wildlife sanctuaries and many more of Nepal’s fascinating attractions!
We heartily invite you to share a journey of a lifetime with us! Cheers, we all look forward to hearing from you, soon!
Very Best,
Ishwar Pyakurel
Managing Director, High Camp Adventure