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  • Amazing Helicopter Trip

    I recently had the incredible opportunity to embark on the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with High Camp Adventure, and it was an absolutely unforgettable experience. From start to finish, this adventure exceeded all my expectations.First and foremost, the professionalism and expertise of the tour operator's team were remarkable. They ensured our safety throughout the journey and provided insightful information about the region's history and culture. Our pilot was highly experienced, which made me feel completely at ease during the flight.The highlight of the tour, of course, was the breathtaking flight over the Himalayas and the close-up views of the iconic Mount Everest. Witnessing the world's tallest peak up close is something that words can't adequately describe. It was a moment of awe and wonder that will stay with me forever.The tour also included a brief landing at Everest Base Camp, allowing us to take in the stunning surroundings and capture some truly memorable photos. The team arranged a delicious breakfast at a picturesque mountain lodge, adding to the overall experience.The entire tour was well-organized and seamlessly executed. The attention to detail, safety measures, and commitment to providing a top-notch experience were evident throughout. I felt well taken care of from the moment I booked the tour until I safely returned to Kathmandu.In conclusion, I highly recommend High Camp Adventure for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. It's a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that promises incredible views and unforgettable memories. Thank you to the entire team for making this journey truly remarkable. I can't wait to return to Nepal for more incredible adventures with your company.

  • Life time experience !

    Dear Mr. Ishwar Pyakurel,I wanted to express my gratitude for organizing an incredible Everest Base Camp trek. The journey was awe-inspiring, offering breathtaking vistas, challenging yet rewarding trails, and a deeply enriching cultural experience. Your team's expertise, support, and logistics were impeccable. The camaraderie among fellow trekkers made it a memorable adventure. The sight of Everest towering above base camp was a true highlight. This trek was a life-changing experience that exceeded all expectations. Thank you for making it possible.Warm regards,Florent Sch.

  • Adventure of a Life Time !!

    I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible experience I had during my Mardi Himal trek with High Camp Adventure. It was truly an adventure of a lifetime, and I couldn't have asked for a better team to make it happen.First and foremost, I want to extend my thanks to Ishwar and guide Sushant. Their knowledge, expertise, and leadership on the trail were invaluable. Not only did they ensure our safety and well-being throughout the trek, but they also shared their deep insights into the local culture, flora, and fauna, enhancing the overall experience.The breathtaking landscapes, from lush forests to snow-capped peaks, left me in awe at every turn. Your team's dedication to preserving the natural beauty of the area and practicing responsible trekking made the trip even more special.This trek has left a profound impact on me, not just for its stunning vistas but also for the friendships forged along the way. I met fellow trekkers from around the world, and we shared unforgettable moments together.I would also like to thank you for the excellent pre-trip communication and support. Your responsiveness and attention to detail helped ensure a smooth and worry-free experience from start to finish.In conclusion, I can't thank you enough for making my Mardi Himal trek such a memorable and transformative experience. It's a journey I will cherish for the rest of my life. I look forward to future adventures with your team and will wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone seeking an extraordinary trekking experience in Nepal.

  • Amazing Trekking Experience with High Camp Adventure

    Along with my friend, we planned to do something very adventurous and getting with a search on the Internet we got to find the Everest Advanced Base Camp Trekking. “That’s what we wanted.” And booked this adventurous trek with High Camp Adventure and packed all the pieces of stuff with excitement and joy to reach Everest Base Camp successfully.Of course, the trek its self is named as Advanced. But without this great team provided by High Camp Adventure, we were able to make our successful and memorable. The guide provided us with all the information regarding every place plus handed us a personal map to make it easier so that we can mark every place we had driven through. The best thing you can do to acclimatize is to go slowly. And be sure to drink a lot of water during your trek.I am very glad, our guide, Ram Kumar, was well experienced and trained. He helped us in our step during the Trek. Also, taught us Nepali, daily words, which was very useful during trekking.Thank you for the wonderful trek and effort which led us for our successful trek to “Everest Advanced Base Camp Trek”.Highly Recommended!!!!

  • The Best Trekking I've Ever Experienced

    With just spent 10 days with Kishor, the guide of High Camp Adventure. We did a 7 day trek in Langtang (Gosaikunda Lakes). The trek was just awesome : Kishor speak really good English, so we learnt many things about Nepalese culture and nature. Guesthouses were perfect and having a guide was awesome to find new & unknow spots for views, animal watching or small guesthouses were people are so nice. The trek was really beautiful, landscape, 100% local people in the all trek (perfect to talk with them and to share new things). The trek is really suitable for everybody (a little bit sportive aha) and can be organized as your wish. After the trek, Kishor was here to get us the best experience in Kathmandu, he invites ourself in his house for dinner and it was a wonderful experience (thanks yo his wife too !). I highly recommanded High Camp Adventure since they are a "social" trek company : they are not here for your money but to get you experience and to show you some new stuff. The price was really low compared to the other trekking companies. Thank you Kishor for these 10 perfects days in Nepal, we would come back as soon as possible and thank you for you happy way of life, you humour and you kindness. (PS : I also recommand this season for Nepal : good weather (sunny in the morning, bit foggy in the afternoon; mostly without rain). And you will enjoy low prices and no tourists).