Welcome to Nepal, a traveler’s paradise!

Nepal is a premier destination for many tourist activities and is especially celebrated as a trekking and outdoor adventure and leisure destination. In no other country in the world can you experience an elevation change as extreme as in Nepal. The landscape of Nepal rises from the jungle lowlands in the south along the Gangetic Plain to the world’s highest mountains over 8,000 meters at the northern border! The dramatic changes in landscape make for a wide-diversity in landscape, flora and fauna and inhabitants.

Nowhere in the planet can such extreme geographic and biological diversity be found with the majestic scenery and culture that change along the trekking and touring routes. This great abundance and diversity - from tropical rain forests to arctic heights - is Nepal's greatest natural treasure. Nepal's wondrous natural and cultural heritage can make your trip a lifetime highlight - an adventure becoming more rare in the modern industrialized world.

As a country of high mountains, rolling mid-hills, abundant vegetation and diversified wildlife, in addition to trekking visitors can enjoy everything from the wildlife safaris to canyoning, paragliding, bird and butterfly watching (Nepal has 846 bird species—nearly ten percent of the world’s bird species) and white water rafting and kayaking among many more adventurous activities.

High Camp Adventure offers a selection of adventurous and leisure activities throughout the length and breadth of the country. You may choose sightseeing tours to ancient monuments that last a few hours to treks and expeditions that last weeks and longer. Options including trekking in the mountains, visiting World Heritage sites, honeymoon tours, Shamanism excursions, nature and cultural experiences and much more. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our breathtaking land, a traveler’s paradise, soon!

Advisory: Please note that High Camp Adventure is Nepal government certified and registered and a member of good-standing of the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal. Travelers should be aware that a few companies are operating outside the law without a license and sometimes without training. Joining a tour with an unscrupulous company can involve unnecessary risks as they are usually uninsured and inexperience and might be unable to handle challenges and adversities should they arise. Please ask for the documentation of any agency or trekking company that you are considering signing up with, and we hope it is with us, High Camp Adventure, for the trip of a lifetime in Nepal!

Government permits are required for entering national parks and conservation areas and can be obtained through licensed travel agencies and outfitters and sometimes directly from the government.