About Kanchenjunga Expedition

Kanchenjunga (8586 mt / 28,208 ft) is the 3rd highest peak on the planet and one of only 14 peaks that rise over 8,000 mt / 26,247 ft.  It is located in the far eastern region of Nepal at the border with Sikkim, India. Kanchenjunga is considered one of the most technically challenging among the 8,000 m peaks and a major goal for experienced, worldwide mountaineers.

The mountain was first climbed by a British team in 1955. Until 1842, it was considered the highest peak in the world. The name originates from Tibetan meaning ‘five treasures of the high snows’ which refers to its five prominences. The mountain is considered sacred by the local population in both Nepal and India. You can fulfill a lifetime highlight and individual ambitions and share the achievement in every walk of life from friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances, to climbing peers who will respect the hard work, commitment, stamina, and skill it takes to get to the top of Kanchenjunga.

We are ready and able to assist you in accomplishing your greatest climbing aims safely and soundly. Your dream of standing atop a demanding 8,000 mt peak and the feeling of ultimate success and achievement will be in safe hands as you let us take care of the logistics.

Kanchenjunga carries a considerable risk of rockfall and avalanche. Kanchenjunga is the easternmost of the 8000+ m Himalayan peaks, and eastern Nepal receives heavier snow and rain during the summer monsoon. The best period for reliable weather and conditions is spring when it is icier and there is less chance of avalanche compared to post-monsoon conditions of autumn. The journey usually begins in April and continues through May.

As demanding as this climb is, you can leave everything to us and simply focus on achieving the aim of a lifetime. The Kanchenjunga Expedition is a fully supported journey and we are with you in all ways every step of the way with Himalayan veteran Sherpas. You will be with knowledgeable, experienced specialists that take your well-being personally and offer the best chance of summit success.

The journey passes through the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area and a region populated with Rai and Limbu ethnicities, with unique languages and customary costumes and lifestyle. This area is also home to rare and exotic wildlife including the snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, musk deer, red panda and many species of birds. The biodiversity of flora and fauna will be a highlight. The spectacular mountains, rugged terrain, beautiful landscapes, and welcoming people will leave you with a feeling of deep serenity!

The journey east begins with a scenic flight and the team assembles at Taplejung. The hiking ascends through the majestic territory. As the trails climb, we get closer and closer views of the magnificent Himalaya. After ascending to Base Camp we meet more crew and refresh our climbing skills. Along the journey, we include adequate rest days to ensure acclimatization. On these days, we take the chance to explore the beautiful surrounding area while we become accustomed to the altitude. 

The timetable is planned by veteran climbers with special attention to season and safety. We always adhere to the highest safety standards and ensure that this trip is designed for comfort and well-being, especially by following a graded ascent with proper acclimatization.

In Kathmandu, we begin with team introductions and expedition briefings, equipment inspection and other preparations.

We establish our Base Camp at 4,500 mt / 14,764 ft. Camp Iis around6050 mt / 19,049 ft, Camp II is nearly 6,800 mt / 22,310 ft, Camp III is about 7,300 mt / 23,950 ft. And Final Camp from where we push for the summit is 7,800 mt / 25,591 ft.

We arrange a crew of porters and sometimes yaks to transport provisions and gear, including food and a dining tent, tables, chairs, a toilet tent and personal, high-performance sleeping tents. At base camp, our skilled chef will provide the day’s meals and in the evening we will enjoy a magnificent camp under the stars, surrounded by the Himalaya and jaw-dropping surroundings while we enjoy a supper and a warm drink.

We are devoted to the highest standards in the industry and look forward to guiding you on the adventure of a lifetime to the top of the 3rd highest and one of the most challenging peaks in the world!

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 1Arrival at Kathmandu Airport and transfer to hotel. Overnight at hotel.
  • Day 2Climbing preparation day (Sightseeing Optional). Overnight at hotel.
  • Day 3Expedition briefing at Nepal Tourism Board. Overnight at hotel.
  • Day 4Fly to Suketar (2,300 mt.), Taplejung and trek to Lali Kharka (2,200 mt.). Walking 5-6 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 5Lali Kharka to Khesewa (2,120 mt.). Walking 6-7 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 6Khesewa to Mamankhe (1,785 mt.). Walking 6-7 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 7Mamankhe to Yamphudin (2,080 mt.). Walking 6-7 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 8Yamphudin to Tortong (2,995 mt.). Walking 7-8 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 9Tortong to Tseram (3,870 mt.). Walking 6-7 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 10Tseram to Ramche (4,580 mt.). Walking 5 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 11Ramche to Glacier Camp (4,730 mt.). Walking 3-4 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 12Glacier Camp to Kanchenjunga Base Camp (4,500 mt.). Walking 3 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 13to Day 43 Kanchenjunga Expedition Period. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 44Kanchenjunga Base Camp to Ramche. Walking 6-7 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 45Ramche to Tortong. Walking 7 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 46Tortong to Yamphudin. Walking 7 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 47Yamphudin to Khesewa. Walking 7 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 48Khesewa to Lali Kharka. Walking 6 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 49Lali Kharka to Suketar. Walking 4-5 hours. Overnight at tented camp.
  • Day 50Fly back from Suketar to Kathmandu. Overnight at hotel.
  • Day 51Leisure day in Kathmandu. Farewell dinner and Overnight at hotel.
  • Day 52Transfer to Airport for your final departure from Nepal.
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