Our Team

  • Ishwar Pyakurel

    Ishwar Pyakurel

    Managing Director

    Ishwar comes from charming Trishuli of Nuwakot District. He started his tourism career as a porter and quickly moved up to guide and ever since has been honing skills in the travel trade industry in every capacity. Ishwar’s wide-ranging field experience is complemented by qualifications as guide. He studied management from Tribhuvan University and speaks Nepali, English, and little bit of Spanish and has extensive experience with groups from Europe and North America. He takes special pleasure in sharing his far-reaching knowledge of the Himalaya with others.

  • Sangita Tiwari

    Sangita Tiwari


    With a vast experience of traversing the mountains and other places for around a decade, Sangita Tiwari was the Co-Founder of HCA (High Camp Adventure). Her journey started from the serene hills of Nuwakot in Nepal and is filled with passion, guiding adventures along with co-founding a vision that can scale even the tallest mountains.

  • Chandra Khadka

    Chandra Khadka

    Account Officer

    The financial compass of High Camp Adventure comes from the amazing town of Udaypur in Nepal. Handling the accounts for 20+ years now, Chandra ensures that each expedition is the best while being not heavy on the company as well as the travelers.

  • Prashant Dhungana

    Prashant Dhungana

    Tour Guide

    Coming from the historical town of Nepal from Janakpur, Prashant Dhungana is the actual navigator of the best journeys. Being the guide for more than 15 years, his experience and his stories will turn each journey into a page of a travel diary. 

  • Kapil KC

    Kapil KC

    Tour Guide

    Knowing the nook and cranny of Kathmandu and the mountains, Kapil is the tour guide at High Camp Adventure. With an experience of 15+ years, he turns each journey into an immersive journey filled with cultural facts and stories that each traveler will adore.

  • Raj Kumar Bhatta

    Raj Kumar Bhatta

    Trekking Guide

    Coming from Nuwakot Nepal, Raj Kumar Bhatta is the ultimate trail expert in High Camp Adventure. With an experience of 15 years, he is the trekking guide that will turn your trekking experience into an experience filled with joy, thrill, and memorable and make you understand the mountains.

  • Bhawa Nath Timalsena

    Bhawa Nath Timalsena

    Porter Guide

    Being as experienced as Bhawa Nath Timelsena is a true power that High Camp Adventure sees. With an experience of 30+ years as the Porter Guide Bhawa Nath is a silent hero of our team, carrying supplies and a legacy of understanding to the trekkers. High Camp Adventure is proud to have these people on our team. 

  • Geli Sherpa

    Geli Sherpa

    Trekking / Climbing Guide

     The Trekking and climbing guide of High Camp Adventure, The Geli Sherpa has more than a decade of deep mountains and trekking experience. His experience of conquering mountains is just filled with stories and hills will help trekkers perform their best.