Terms and Conditions

Please Note the Following Payment Terms and Conditions:

Due to cancellation of your journey for any reason, High Camp Adventure offer scaled refunds of your deposit. Refunds are subject to the time of cancellation before the trip departure date. Please see below for specific details.


Upon confirmation of your booking and/or within forty-five days of arrival to Nepal, we request a deposit of fifty-percent of the total amount of tour cost. Thereafter, the remaining amount is to be paid on arrival in Kathmandu and before initial departure of the trek / tour.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that unexpected events and unforeseen circumstances might cause a delay or cancellation of your program.  In the event of a delay, we will do our very best to re-schedule according to your timetable. If you need to cancel your program, we will provide a reimbursement of the advance payment according to the following percentage schedule:

Between 31-45 days of arrival, 85% refund of advance payment
Between 15-30 days of arrival, 70% refund of advance payment
Between 7-14 days of arrival, 50% of advance payment
Less than 7 days before your arrival, 0% of advance payment


Clients need to arrange their own insurance. We encourage you to arrange all of your insurance back in your own country before arrival. As needed, we can assist you with arranging insurance after you arrive to Nepal, too. Please arrange coverage that includes both medical and evacuation expenses.

Personal belongings

We will make every precaution ensure the safety and care of your personal belongings. That said, we do not assume liability for loss and damage to your personal belongings and luggage during the journey and while en route while in the possession of porters, pack animals and vehicles. (Please bring small locks for luggage for additional safety.)

Flight Delay/Cancellation

There is always the prospect of flight delays and even cancellation due to the unstable weather conditions and other uncontrollable factors.

Please schedule extra days as a cushion in between the trek or tour end date and your international flight from Nepal. If a delay or cancellation occurs, then meal and accommodation costs will be the responsibility of the traveler and not High Camp Adventure.

Assumption of risk

The traveler assumes the hazards associated with the journey in regards to travel delays, personal injury, illness, and even death.

Disclosure of Health

Travelers with a pre-existing medical condition or ailment must declare the factual nature of the condition at the time of booking the trip. A medical statement shall be provided from a physician declaring that the traveler is fit to undertake the given tour with High Camp Adventure.

Factors Beyond Our Control

High Camp Adventure assumes no responsibility for changes due to events and circumstances beyond our control. We are acting as an agent with the consideration that we shall not be liable for any accident, loss, delay, damage, international flight cancellation and delays, and inconvenience caused in connection with the travel facilities arranged by us and our employees.


The listed timetables and schedules for treks and tours are a general outline. We will do our best to adhere to these itineraries as listed. However, sometimes factors beyond our control might cause a necessary change in the itinerary. Factors beyond our control include, but are not limited to the following: weather conditions, availability of lodging and campsites, unstable governmental and political situations, unfavorable trail and ecological conditions and other events beyond our control. It is unlikely that modifications will occur that might significantly modify the original itinerary. However, we cannot be held liable for the consequences of delays and alterations beyond our control. In the event of an itinerary modification and a need to change to other routes, our Head Guide will make the ultimate decision on what is best for the group after consulting with members of the party and considering the interests of the group as a whole. If a modification is required, then we will do everything within our means to moderate the effects on the itinerary and journey as a whole.

Special Requests

Any special considerations including diet requests must be made in writing at the time of booking the trip. High Camp Adventure will make every attempt to accommodate these requests.


This contract is in effect at time of booking and shall be subject to the laws of Nepal under the jurisdiction of Nepal’s government.


We and the providers of services will consider complaints when written notice has been given within fifteen days of the completion of the activity.