Everest Base Camp Trek in Autumn

  • Dec 19, 2019
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Everest Base Camp Trek in Autumn

Trekking is Nepal's most flaunted source of adventure sports that consists of elements of rigorous exercise and relaxation. Stepping into the wilderness of a large family of gigantic Himalayas and immersing oneself into the purity of these diverse ecosystems and breathtaking vistas is an experience second to none. Among all trekking routes in Nepal, Everest Base Camp plays a huge role in attracting more than 40,000 tourists year and it does have an obvious reason for its fame—the world's tallest mountain, the Everest. However, if you look at a bestselling guidebook of Douglas Adams named 'Trekking in the Everest Region', he aptly states how the trail would be an absolute beauty even in the absence of the Everest. You don't have to believe only in his words though. You can ask anyone who's been to the wonderland of snow and get the same response.

Achieving the greatest feat of the trekking arena—embarking and successfully completing the most popular trail of the Khumbu region is a dream for those wanting to do something different and have an authentic taste of the Himalayas as well as the roots of the legendary Sherpas inhabiting the vast area. The beginning of the trail usually starts from a flight to the famous Lukla from where the first stop would Namche Bazaar, a tourist favorite destination packed with a balanced mixture of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Kalapatthar remains the vantage point from where you remain right in front of the glorious 8848m of Nepal's pride. The Khumbu Glacier and the Icefall are also famous in this area. Additionally, the trail also features various monasteries along the way of towns like Tengboche and Dingboche. 

So you're pumped to get into it right now but you're unsure when would be the best time to experience all of this plus more. Look no further for Everest Base Camp showcases all the mentioned attraction mostly throughout the year. Yet, autumn, when the leaves are as crisp as the breeze, is regarded the best of the best. Auspicious Autumn's Offers;

1. Wonderful Weather

Nepal experiences five seasons: spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, and winter. Out of these five, autumn which lasts from September to November provides the best environment for all adventure sports, especially for trekking. The skies are clear from dawn till dusk since from September, the rainy season halts and the thick clouds also fade with the start of this month. The backdrop of clear azure skies provide the most scenic vistas in the whole world and don't fail to captivate all hearts that lays eyes on it. Adding to clear skies, the temperature is the most exquisite with daylight being warm and the nights not as cold as other months. Autumn gives the sensation of being just right—not too cold or hot. Even on the higher altitudes of above 3000m, there is less variation in the temperatures so while there is light snow, there is not much chance of temperature dropping very low.

2. Fantastic Festivities

If you've researched enough, you'd be aware that Nepal is a melting pot for a number of diverse cultures and ethnic traditions. These diverse cultures harmoniously bring in diverse festivals throughout the year, out of which, most fall during the autumn season. So when you come for trekking, you also get to experience these festivals. The country's biggest celebrations Dashain and Tihar to fall during autumn. Nepalese people with their families come together to celebrate the holidays with traditional cuisine, music, dresses, and practices. Even in the trekking zones, the Sherpa inhabitants have a 19 days long celebration of Mani Rimdu festival, a series of sacred ceremonies and events of empowerment celebrated at Tengboche, Thame and Chiwong Monasteries of Solukhumbu, Nepal. It marks the victory of Buddhism over Bon (a demon) and the monks wearing traditional masks and costumes portray the event through dances and dramas. Most companies offering Everest Base Camp Trek incorporate this festival into the itinerary during autumn. Therefore, it's a fantastic opportunity to experience the authenticity of Buddhist traditions.

3. Charismatic Capital

Autumn is that time of the year when the capital, Kathmandu, is left in peace without much craziness of hustle life or the adverse effects of pollution. Usually, when travelers come to Kathmandu before embarking on the trekking journey, they go around the city of legendary temples for leisurely exploration. Trekkers have time before and after their treks to go around the K-town with ease and autumn offers the slow turning brown leaves and the chill breeze to walk around and experience the days and nights of this ancient city. The days are perfect for trekking practices and preparations.

4. Colorful Companions

As autumn is a perfect time, many travelers opt for this time to venture into the Himalayan wilderness. This ensures the trails are not lonely but a threshold to meet people from all over the world and start a friendship grown from the roots of trekking spirit and nature loving tendencies. You can hear tales of other trekking adventures from travelers going along the same route. You will not have to worry about being alone or being bored. Even the Sherpas prefer this time of the year to explore the snow-capped peaks so you'll be in a treat for their experiences and encounters of the humongous mountains and so much more.

5. Dandy Discounts

Autumn doesn’t just bring the great influx of tourists but also attractive discounts on packages of the Everest Base Camp trek. It is the time when most tourists come in so most of the travel agencies try and raise their client counts by offering smart packages with discounts that are not only attractive but budget friendly as well. It also includes extra offerings like visiting newer monasteries or destinations that are not open in the other seasons. This is the time to see and observe various species of endangered wildlife like red pandas and other floras that are blooming only during this time.

Waste no time and book your time for the most thrilling adventure you'll ever experience. Get in touch in with nature's largest gifts of snowcapped mountains, emeralds like green hills and scenic vistas of nature's diverse and preserved ecosystem.

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