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  • Dec 8, 2019
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Rara Lake Trekking is one of the most underrated treks of Nepal. Though the journey has so many things to offer to the trekkers visiting the region, it isn’t as popular as the other trekking routes in Nepal. For a long time, the region was closed, and tourists, whether foreigners or locals, were not allowed to visit certain parts of the region. However, for the last few decades or so, Rara Lake trekking route has been open completely, hoping for the tourists to walk on its paths, and explore all the natural, cultural and religious attractions that it has to offer.

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Rara Lake Trekking

Rara Lake trekking takes you to the famous Humla-Jumla-Mugu region. In short, this is also known as Dolpo Region, and it is one of the most gifted regions in Nepal when it comes to natural attractions. Despite its looks, it is one of the least visited regions of Nepal, from the perspective of trekking. Though the past few years have shown a decent hike in the number of tourists, the region and especially the Rara Lake trekking route can handle even more. When it comes to difficulty level, it has to be considered as one of the challenging treks. The facilities on the route are rudimentary, and therefore, it can be considered as the best holiday package for trekkers who like being close to nature. Now, because of the availability of flights, you don’t really need to walk the entire route. But this only works if your intention is to travel just to Rara Lake, the largest lake of Nepal, and not explore the entire region.

The best time to go for Rara Lake Trek is between the months of September and November, and between the months of April and June. During other months, either there is extreme rainfall or snowfall in the region, causing the route to get closed. The park, which houses the Rara Lake trek route, extends from an altitude of 2800 m to 4039 m, which is the prime reason why it gets so cold during winter. Most parts of the park gets covered in snow during this time of the year. It is for a reason that Rara National Park is known as a Himalayan National Park. One of the most significant attractions that you’d get to explore during your Rara Lake trekking are the people living in the region. Most villages on the route are dominated by Thakurs, which is a tribe of people local to the region. It’s definitely going to be a wonderful experience getting to know about their lifestyle, culture and religion.

rara lake trekking

One of the most significant attractions that you will come across during the Rara Lake trekking is Rara Lake. Rara Lake is not just the biggest but the largest lake in Nepal. It has a depth of 167 m, and a surface area of 10.8 sq. km. Also, the park is situated at an altitude of 2990 m. Apart from being deep and big, it is also one of the most beautiful lakes in Nepal. Standing at the lake, you can enjoy the views of the surrounding hills and the mountains beyond them. Since it is a part of Rara National Park, the ecosystem around the park is also quite rich. Needless to say, Rara Lake is one of the most significant natural heritages in Nepal. It’s for a reason that so many people from not just different parts of Nepal, but different parts of the world, trek up to this lake, just to be here, and enjoy its surroundings. The lake is also religiously significant, especially for the local Thakurs, as towards the southeast corner of the lake, Thakur Baba temple is situated.

Rara National Park is yet another natural heritage of Nepal. Despite the fact that it is the smallest national park of Nepal, it’s quite rich when it comes to the population of rare plant and animal species. Altogether, 241 species of birds have been recorded in this region. Some of them include Black-necked grebes, Red-crested pochards, Mallard, and so on. In the same way, numerous species of mammals are also found here. Some of them are Musk Deer, Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, and so on. One of the most prominent attractions of the national park are the peaks. The park area is blessed with numerous peaks towards the north. Some of them are Chuchemara Peak, Ruma Kand, Malika Kand. and so on. The entire Rara Lake Trekking route is a part of Rara National Park. So, you’re bound to come across a few of the attractions mentioned above during your journey to the lake. Don’t be surprised if you happen to notice a few of these animals.

Rara Lake Trek Itinerary

Altogether, Rara Lake trek itinerary is 16 days long. However, during this time, the trekkers trek for a duration of 8 days. The rest of the time trekkers spend either acclimating, taking side trips, traveling in vehicles or plane, sightseeing, or doing other fun activities. Rara Lake trek itinerary allows you to cover places such as Cherechaur, Singha Valley, Ghorosingha, Pina, Burma, and so on. These settlement areas that fall on the Rara Lake trek route are naturally and as well as culturally beautiful. Located in beautiful settings, surrounded by hills and the splendid forests of the Rara National park, these villages are homes of numerous tribes of indigenous people, who have been living here for decades. It’s an absolute pleasure to get to know them, their religion, culture and lifestyle. Rara Lake trek route offers you a roller coaster ride through nature.

rara lake trekking

Rara Lake Trek Map

Rara Lake trek map can prove to be one of your best allies during the journey. With the help of a trek map, you can get all the information that you would ever need about the route and the journey altogether. The map will allow you to prepare for all the challenges and anticipate all the attractions, so that you can enjoy them fully when the time is right. The region that houses Rara Lake trekking route is a trekking heaven. There are so many hiking options out there. Also, there are attractions that don’t fall on the main route. During your Rara Lake trekking, provided that you have time, you could go for these side treks and attractions on your own. Not just the side treks, you can go for the entire journey on your own provided that you know how to read a map. With a Rara Lake trek map in your hand, you get one step closer to self dependence.

Rara Lake Trek Cost

Quite like any other journey, what determines Rara Lake Trek cost are factors such as length of the journey, level of luxury offered, the medium used to travel, the kind of journey, the travel company who’s managing your trips, and so on. It’s crucial that you research quite well, about the trip, and the company that’s offering it, before deciding which one to choose. Always remember, just because a package is too expensive doesn’t mean that you’ll be offered the best services in it. A lot of times, decently priced vacations give you more than highly priced ones. Also, don’t go far a package that is insanely cheap. Probably, there’s something wrong with the credibility there. On an average, Rara Lake trek cost can range between $1200 per person to $2400 per person. The above mentioned factors contribute to making the cost difference.

It’s not like Rara Lake trekking route doesn’t receive tourists, it does, but only a limited number. It would not be a mistake to say that it has a cult following, and only certain kinds of people visit the region. This could be because of its challenging stature, or the fact that it takes you too close to nature. If you're a trekking enthusiast, and have never tried Rara Lake trekking route, well, you should. You are missing out on a lot of fun and adventure.

rara lake trekking

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