Conquering Everest (Base Camp, That Is!) with Kids: A Family Trek Guide

  • Jun 29, 2024
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Have you ever planned to take your kids to the height of Everest? 

If yes, then this blog might interest you. What if I say your kids can join in the base camp trekking in Nepal. 

Stay tuned to demystify the present records on Everest Base Camp with Kids, potential rewards, challenges, and circumstances. Also, we share real time updates on the trekking route (with special caution for EBC trek with kids and family). 

Is there any age limit for the Everest Base camp trek with kids? 

The Government of Nepal has not set any official age restrictions for the permits required to conquer the Everest Base Camp Trek. This signifies that your children are allowed to go on an Everest Base Camp trek with you under your supervision. 

Everest Base Camp Trek is beginner-friendly; this moderate challenge won't stop your kids mid-way, on the Base Camp Trekking in Nepal. 

Though there is no official age limit for EBC trek, most trekking company in Nepal request applicants to be a minimum of 10 years old to participate in adventure trekking in Nepal. But not anymore, we have you. 

Who thought trekking to Everest Base Camp with kids could be this fun? 

A minimum of 11 days is required for the EBC trek. In the itinerary plan, we schedule 6 to 7 hours of regular walking. 

Everest Base Camp lies no farther than, an 8-day trek from the Lukla Airport. And the thrill and challenges the ascent brings cannot be merely denied. And yes, if your kids can make up for it, bring them, even if they are less than 10. 

High Camp Adventure helps you plan the trekking activities in Everest accordingly, making it kids-friendly. This is a golden opportunity to make it a family trek in Nepal to the highest point to view Everest. This trek can be extended to trek Kalapathar (5,644 m) too via the EBC route.

Khumbu region has a beauty that no other trekking route in Nepal can ever beat. From the legendary Thame trekking trail to Everest lies the birthplace of the historic Sherpa Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. He was the fellow climber who helped Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand fulfil his dream to summit Everest (on the 29th of May, 1953). 

In the 1922 British Mount Everest expedition, many deaths were recorded in an avalanche. It was only after 1953 the world knew about Everest, and the trail got mended with the contribution of Sir Edmund Hillary. 

There lies risk too as the EBC trek can be challenging. To ensure the safety of kids, book your trekking packages with professionals and navigation specialists. Choose a reputed trekking guide who can help you with emergency protocols like the High Camp Adventure team. 

Families who have taken kids on their Everest Base Camp Trek 

Can you believe nowadays families have started the trend of taking their young kids to Everest Base camp, as young as 2? But who were the pioneers and record-setters in the EBC trek with Kids? Let's have a look. 

Arishka, was just 6 years old when her mother Dimple Laddha from Pune India took her to Everest Base Camp. She is not the only kid in the EBC trek. We will mention more families, who brought their kids, faced challenges, and rewarded themselves in the ultimate trekking campo base Everest. 

1. Carter Dallas and Family 

A two-year-old Carter Dallas from Scotland has become the youngest person to reach Mount Everest base camp on October 25, 2023. He reached an altitude of 17,598 feet above sea level, on his father Ross' back. 

What a dream come true-moment for the father-son duo! And yes Mother Jade also made it to the family trekking in Nepal (on EBC substantial height). They endured the worth-watching views of Everest, from the southern face of Everest. 

2. Zara Sifra and Family 

Earlier Zara Šifra, made history as she scaled the Mount Everest base camp and became the youngest person to do so. And since then showing your kids the Everest Base Camp( the trend) is on for a reason. 

Not only was she there, her older brother aged 7 also joined her father David Sifra to set history. She gained fame for becoming the youngest person to scale up to such a great height on her own feet at age 5.

Local teens usually do the Everest Base camp hike with great joy. The good padr is that they do not require much supervision as they are used to such high altitudes. 

However, your kids might require extra care, safety, and training. This is because someone (who comes from different climatic belts) faces issues with acclimatisation. That's when things can get pretty challenging. 

It is not recommended for children under 5 to trek Everest Base Camp for safety reasons. In contrast, 5-year-old Zara Sifra broke out the significant risks and made her way to the base camp. Her fitness level was excellent, and surprisingly, she was trained from the very beginning (when she learnt to take her first steps). 

3. Hazel Matulis at Everest Base Camp in 2022 

Chris and Cindy Matulis are an inspiring couple who are record-holders in the Everest Base camp trek with kids. On a job break of six months, they traveled the world and even made it to the historic Everest Base camp trek in 2022. 

As the reports cite them, Kiwi Americans, Hazel Matulis and her family's detour into Everest is a story to watch out for. 

Here Chris, Cindy, and the kids – Hobie, 11, Henry, 9, Hallie, 6, and Hazel, 2 made it to the highest point on the Everest base camp trek, with feet chasing the Himalayan giant. 

Into the record made in 2022, the family carried the youngest child in the family adventure on the Everest. They reached the EBC within 8 days, which inspired the whole world. 

Things were not easy in the first place on EBC with kids. Before they had a win, they were sabotaged with the throwing rain, mud, major elevation gain, and acclimatisation issues they faced at the end of the monsoon. Also, they explained in an interview how the winding trekking route to Everest Base Camp was a major obstacle to deal with. 

What are the youngest records of kids on the Everest Summit? 

Recent Everest summit records states Malavath Poorna is the youngest female to have reached the summit. He set records on 25 May 2014 at the age of 13 years and 11 months. 

Previously, Ming Kipa of Nepal set the record for youngest summit to Everest ( at 15 years old on May 22, 2003). The good point is that there is no age limit, as any age group can trek to Everest Base Camp. The same goes for the summit of Everest.

How Can High Camp Adventure help on Everest Base camp Trek with Kids? 

If you want to trek Everest Base Camp with kids and family, here is how High Camp Adventure can help you. 

It’s not a walk in the road. The Everest Base Camp trek is a high-altitude trek that requires lunges at the gym and strategic skills to climb steep ascents (without putting much pressure on your legs). And a strong mental fortitude to be safe with the kids at the same time. 

Everest Base Camp trek has an average success rate of 90%. These days kids and teens also proved their calibre by making it to the EBC trek. The trekking route has been well-constructed and maintained for the past few years. This is a sign of growing trekking activity in the Everest region. 

The Everest Base Camp sits at an elevation of around 17,600 feet, where the oxygen concentration is nearly 50% less than at sea level. Though families become successful, there are significant risks, when the oxygen concentration is nearly 50% less than at sea level. 

The question on the Everest Base camp trek with kids is, “will your kid suffer?” 

Adventurers, athletes, and mountain lovers all set up for an 80-mile hike from the town of Lukla to Base Camp of Everest. Similarly, can kids do the same if they are taking a challenge? It requires a lot of energy, you need to take your kids for at least 5 to 10 miles of walking practice for the trek, unless you are carrying them on a back. 

What are the special considerations for Everest Base Camp Trek with Kids? 

Pulse oximeters that's a must; when trekking on Everest with kids. It helps you to check safety by measuring concerning levels. 

If you are suffering from altitude sickness, or need emergency evacuation, oximeters warn you. All these cannot be seriously contemplated, that's why the rocky Khumbu trekking trails need monitoring. 

The 5364-metre-high base camp of Everest is ready to welcome kids. Even though not many are born in 4000 m and 5000m altitude, kids have an enthusiasm to adapt and conquer the EBC trek. The panoramic views from the Everest base camp is pretty cool; not just a beacon one dares to have.

Your kids might be quite better at trekking than you actually thought. Take a chance to show them EBC. But first, perform a medical test if they can trek to Everest, sleep high on colder nights, or not. That's a daring adventure one calls for. hence prepare accordingly. 

Why Take Kids on Everest Base Camp Trek? 

You train the kids for the ultimate adventure and wild fun in life (early in their age). In the growing-up phase, EBC trek can help them develop their senses, and motor skills, and learn about life. Kids can practically watch and understand diverse landscapes, flora, and fauna when trekking in the Khumbu region. 

Things do not end here. You pass your duty in training children for unforeseen circumstances. Also, the EBC trek introduces them to Sherpa culture in villages of Everest, which is in practice in Pangboche, (the oldest Sherpa village), Thame, and others. 

Among all the four different Everest Base camp routes, Lukla to EBC trek (53 km) is one of the most popular ones. We also offer Jiri to EBC trek and short Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter return packages, choose a favorable one based on your adventure needs. 


Trekking in Nepal is a credential experience. It's because when you sign up for an adventure with family in Nepal you learn quite many things. Not only do you discover Everest regional facts, history, or mountaineering culture, but also build a team spirit within the family. 

Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, surprisingly has different heights, (with and without snow). The standard being 8,848.56 m. We will learn about the surprising facts of Everest in the next blog. 

High Camp Adventure plans your vacation in Nepal with the best trekking services. Contact us today to book your Everest base camp trek with kids. More than happy to serve the family with kids.

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