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  • Dec 8, 2019
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Island Peak Climbing in Nepal is one of those journeys that truly allow you to have that adrenaline rush. The best thing about this journey is that it’s neither as easy as trekking, nor it is as tough as mountaineering. It allows the trekkers to get a whiff of what climbing a mountain is all about. With the experience that the trekkers gain during one day long Island Peak Climbing, they gain much more respect and appreciation for the climbers who do it for around a month.

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Island Peak Climbing

Island Peak Climbing is an activity that one can go for during their Everest Base Camp trek. During Island Peak climbing, the trekkers climb Island Peak, which is also known as Imja Tse. Island Peak is a 6189 m tall mountain, and climbing it isn’t quite like going on a real expedition. Because of its small height, one can easily reach its peak in one day. However, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, as the climbing requires the person to be quite fit and have some sort of mountaineering experience. Still, a one day long training is offered to prepare the trekkers for Island Peak Climbing. For climbing Island Peak, one needs to reach Island Peak Base Camp.

The journey to Island Peak Nepal starts from Lobuche. From here, instead of going straight to Dingboche or Pangboche, which the trekkers generally do in terms of returning to Lukla from  Everest Base Camp, they head towards Chhukung. In order to reach the place, they need to cross this pass known as Kongma La. It is one of the major passes in the Himalayan region, with an altitude of 5535 m. From Chhukung, it’s a 6 to 7 hours long walk to Island Peak Base Camp. The following day, trekkers spend an entire day training for climbing Island Peak Nepal.

islan peak climbing

Overall, It takes altogether 10 to 12 hours to reach the top of the mountain and back.

For a long time, Island Peak Nepal was used to train the climbers, and prepare them for a more excruciating expedition journey. Now, though it’s a smaller peak in comparison to others like Everest and Lhotse, its surfaces are full of crevasses that are difficult to cross. For this reason and many more, climbing Island Peak Nepal is considered as a difficult task to do. Island Peak Climbing is the most challenging journey to embark upon. Some trekkers consider it to be even tougher than Everest Three High Pass Trek.  Apart from peak climbing, you also need to finish trekking on the entire Everest Base Camp trek route. This is what makes the journey exciting.

Island Peak Climbing Itinerary

Island Peak Climbing is a journey that lasts for a duration of 19 days altogether. Two out of these 19 days are dedicated to climbing the peak, i.e. preparation and main climbing. In the same way, the trekkers spend around 12 days trekking. During this time, the trekkers cover places such as Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Lukla, Everest Base Camp, Kala Patthar, and so on. These villages and settlement areas that you will cover during your Island Peak Climbing journey are blessed with natural attractions. Also, during your trip to these places, you get to experience the life and culture of people living in the region, which is an amazing experience.

Apart from all the places that are featured in the Island Peak Climbing Itinerary, you also get to explore many natural attractions that happen to fall on the route. Island Peak Climbing route is a part of Sagarmatha National Park, and so, the itinerary allows you to explore different segments of the park. The warm greenery of the south and as well as the unforgiving chills of the north. The park is home to numerous species of birds, animals, vegetations, and other creatures. You will get to enjoy the views of numerous peaks like Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, and so on during the journey, and from the top of Imja Tse, at the end of the ascending process.

Climbing Island Peak Difficulty

Climbing Island Peak Difficulty can be marked as challenging. It is definitely more challenging than regular trekking. Generally, what makes a trek tough are factors such as the length of the journey, the altitude covered during the trek, the weather, the terrain, and so many others. Everest Base Camp on its own is quite tough considering all these factors. And adding the task of climbing Island peak on the top of that makes the journey excruciating overall. The difficulty level of a certain journey also depends on the fitness or the expertise level of the trekker. So, if you’re used to going on trips as such, then, needless to say, the trek will be a pleasure for you.

It’s important that before you go for a particular journey, you find out the answers to questions like how tough is the journey, or in this case, how hard is climbing Island peak. Knowing how hard is climbing Island peak will help you have clear expectations about the journey. You will be sure whether to go for the journey or not. Difficulties as such add an element of excitement to the trek. But that doesn’t mean that you recklessly sign up for the trip. As mentioned above, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You should be considerate about your abilities, your experiences, and whether your body will be able to take it all. Make sure to visit your doctor for a clearer picture.

Peak Climbing In Nepal

Imja Tse or Island Peak is one of the many peaks that are open for peak climbing in Nepal. Peak climbing in Nepal is a journey meant especially for people who seek something more adventurous than trekking, and at the same time, aren’t looking to go for something as extreme as scaling mountains. Combining a trekking trip with a short climbing experience is one of the best options for adrenaline junkies as such. Luckily, around most of the major trekking routes in Nepal, no matter the trekking region, there is one or the other peak quite like Imja Tse. This makes it simple for them to enjoy trekking, and as well as attempt peak climbing.

island peak climbing nepal

One of the peaks available for peak climbing in Nepal are Pisang Peak, which happens to fall around the Annapurna Circuit, near the village of Pisang. In the same way, the other one happens to be Tent Peak, which is also known as Tharpu Chuli, and to access it, you’ll have to go for the Annapurna Sanctuary trek. Another significant peak climbing journey that you can go for is Chulu East Peak, which also happens to be around Annapurna Circuit. Chulu West Peak is yet another alternative. Quite like Imja Tse, another peak that one can explore in the Everest region is Lobuche Peak. Depending on your interest, you could go for any of these peaks.

What To Do In Nepal

If you’re looking to have an amazing Himalayan Experience in Nepal, there are so many things that you can do. Be prepared to be bewitched, as in all of these journeys, you’re offered the best of the views of mountains in Nepal. The obvious options that offer you amazing Himalayan experience are trekking and expedition. No matter what region you go for, you’re going to have unbelievable sights of mountain in Nepal. Apart from these regular activities, you can also try things such as helicopter ride that takes you to the heart of the mountains. Or, you could try mountain flights that offer you mesmerizing early morning views of the peaks from a distance.

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Island Peak climbing is the ideal activity for trekkers who’ve done it all. Generally, when you’re an expert at something, you look for one of the other activities to challenge yourself, and feel that sense of excitement again. Island Peak climbing is something that you should definitely try if you’re looking to take your Everest Base Camp trek to a whole new level.

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