Explore The Off Beaten Track of Gokyo Valley - Gokyo Lake Trek

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Gokyo Valley, for a long time, was one of the unexplored regions of Nepal. It was beautiful; it had all the attractions that one looks for while going on a trek, however, people wouldn’t go for it. For a long time, Gokyo Valley and Gokyo Lake trek remained in the shadow of Everest Base Camp trek, and that is why the trekking route is often referred to as off the beaten track. However, the case is not the same at the present. Currently, Gokyo Valley receives a lot of trekkers, and why not, it is an amazing place overall.

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Gokyo Lake Trek

Gokyo Lake trekking is one of the most beautiful trekking routes of the Everest region if not the entire country. The trek takes you to the magical Gokyo Village, where you get to explore amazing attractions like Gokyo Lake and Gokyo Ri. Gokyo Lake trek is famous by other names as well, mainly Gokyo Ri trek, Everest Gokyo Lake trekking and Gokyo Valley trek. Now, there are two ways to approach the Gokyo Lake trek. The first way is to head straight towards Gokyo Lake, by going west from Namche Bazaar. And the second approach is to head northeast, by going towards Everest Base Camp first, and then walking towards Gokyo Lake. This way, you will be combining the Everest Base Camp Trek with the Gokyo Lake Trek. Needless to say, the former option is shorter in length and duration, and lower in difficulty level than the latter one. Whatever the case may be, both are popular Gokyo Lake trek routes.

The smaller version of the Gokyo Ri trek, which takes you straight to Gokyo Ri, is 12 days long trek altogether. It includes around 8 days of core trekking. The places that you cover during the journey are Phakding, Namche, Dole, Machhermo, Gokyo, and so on. These are beautiful villages, where you can get to enjoy the outstanding mountain views, and enjoy the hospitality of the people. The highest altitude that you’ll cover during the journey is that of Gokyo Ri, 5360 m, and the lowest altitude is that of Phakding, 2610 m. As it is a short, it is ideal for individuals who seek to take a whiff of Everest region.

gokyo lake trek

The larger version of Everest Gokyo Lake trekking first takes you to Everest Base Camp, from Namche Bazaar, and then, you cover all the different places mentioned above, including Gokyo village, in reverse. Altogether, this journey is around 18 days long, and includes 13 core trekking days. During your trek, you get to visit villages like Dingboche, Tengboche, Gorak Shep, Thagnak, Lobuche, and so on, also including the ones mentioned above. You also get to cross the dangerous Cho La, which is a high altitude mountain pass situated at an elevation of 5330 m. You should go for this trek if you have the time.

Attractions Of The Gokyo Lake Trek

On your Gokyo valley trek, you will comes across numerous attractions. These features are mainly natural, but at times, you could come across cultural and religious attractions as well. It is for a reason that this trek has gained such a popularity among trekkers. Generally, when it comes to Everest region, people think about going for Everest Base Camp trek. Many fail to understand that it not the only thing that the region has to offer. Gokyo Valley trek gives the trekkers a fresh take and twist on the Everest Base Camp trek. These days, many enthusiasts prefer this one over the classic Everest Base Camp trek.

Gokyo Lake

Gokyo Lake is actually a complex of high altitude mountain lakes. The complex spans out from an elevation of 4500 m to 5000 m. Altogether, there are 19 lakes in the complex, and the main one among them is called Gokyo Lake. The lakes are naturally blue in color, and really beautiful to look at.

Gokyo Ri

Gokyo Ri is a mini mountain that the trekkers usually hike upon. Reaching the top offers you amazing views of the entire Everest region, and mainly the mountains like Everest, Lhotse etc. Its height is 5357 m. Since it is a part of the side trek, you can choose to avoid it if you don’t feel like doing tough walking.

gokyo ri trek

Gokyo Village

Gokyo village is a peaceful and serene settlement located at the bank of Gokyo Lake, and a great place to relax. Despite the fact that it is an isolated settlement area, it has facilities like internet, electricity, and so on. You can also get your hands on freshly baked chocolate cakes if you’re craving for some.

Renjo La

Renjo La is a high altitude mountain pass that is exclusive to Gokyo Lake Trek and Gokyo Valley. Its elevation is 5360 m. There is a side route that allows you to skip the pass. However, since it brings excitement to the journey, it is recommended that the trekkers cover it during their Gokyo Lake trek.

Gokyo Lakes Trek Map

When you’re going on the Gokyo Lake trek, it’s important that you carry Gokyo Lakes trek map. Gokyo Lake trek is a journey that is full of attractions. Though you will cover most of them on the route, there are many that you won’t be able to explore if you stay on the route. You have to try and go for side treks, every time you get an opportunity. And the only way you can do that is with the help of a map. When you have a Gokyo Lake trek map in your possession, you get to know about all the attractions and challenges that are coming your way. And so, you will have time to prepare for them. The map will give you all the information that you will require, and by using this knowledge, you can plan your side trips. With a map in your hand, you can be independent enough to go on these trips on your own. Even if you get lost on the way, chances of which are highly unlikely, you can find your way back to your group with the help of a map. You should definitely have a map in your possession, even before going for the trek.

Gokyo Lake Trek Difficulty

Gokyo Lake trek difficulty depends highly on the route that you choose to go for Gokyo Lake trek. When you go for the 12 days long trek, the duration is shorter; you don’t have to cover so many difficult places; you stay mostly at a lower altitude, and so on. All these features make Gokyo Lake trek difficulty level quite easy. Gokyo Ri trek difficulty level rises when you go for the 18 days long trek. The increase in the duration of the journey automatically levels up the difficulty level. Apart from that, you cover more high altitude places and are required to walk on rougher terrain. All these features make the Gokyo Ri trek difficulty level medium. The best thing about trekking in the Everest region is that you get to enjoy good quality accommodation and food services throughout the route. It’s obvious for the services to get rudimentary the higher you go, but still, at such an altitude, it is good enough. These services play a big role in balancing out the trek’s difficulty level. At the end of the day, you get good food and a warm bed.

gokyo lake trek

Gokyo Lake trek has everything that makes a good journey. From natural attractions to religious and cultural ones, you will get to explore so many things here. Provided that you add the number of days in your itinerary, you will also get to explore other parts of the Everest region, like the Everest Base Camp. It’s because of this flexibility, Gokyo Lake trek is preferred by so many trekkers who look to trek in this region. Its popularity has been rising tremendously. If you’re someone who has a keen interest in trekking but has never tried Gokyo Lake trek, well, you should, definitely. You will love it for sure.

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