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  • Nov 29, 2019
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When you choose to spend a holiday in Nepal, make sure to give rafting in Nepal a try. Whether you know how to swim or not isn’t the point. All you need to have is the will, and you could go for rafting in Nepal. Cruising through the fast flowing rivers of Nepal allows you to experience a different level of fun altogether. All it takes is a day for you to complete the exciting rafting journey, and pump the adrenaline in your veins that has been missing for so long. Don’t miss it.

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Rafting In Nepal

Rafting in Nepal is one of the most exciting things to do in Nepal. It is one of those activities that you definitely ought to try during your visit here. River rafting in Nepal allows you to explore the speedy currents and rapids of the fast flowing rivers in Nepal. River rafting in Nepal is also called white water rafting in Nepal, as the rivers appear milky white in color at the time of flowing with great speed. During water water rafting in Nepal, you don’t just get to explore the rivers but also the numerous landscapes that the rivers make their way through. The level of fun that you’ll get to have during rafting in Nepal depends on the package that you pick for the trip.

Generally, rafting in Nepal journeys are a couple of hours long. So, you have the option to either go for a day long rafting trip, or a package that extends for a couple of days. In the former case, you reach the resort that’s offering you the rafting package before the designated time, do the activity, preferably have a meal, if it is a part of the package, and make your way back home. In the latter case, you head to the resort a couple of days in advance, get involved in the rafting the Nepal activity when the time comes, and relax for a couple of days more. All this depends on the package that you’ve chosen. These latter packages are minimum two days long.

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Tourists, whether local or international, go for the latter package especially when their intention is to try multiple adventure sports. There are so many resorts these days that offer different adventure sports such as rafting in Nepal, bungee jumping, tandem swing, and so many more. Generally, these resorts are located on the river side that allows them to provide all these services. Rafting in Nepal is pleasing from a natural aspect as well, as you get to enjoy the views of beautiful landscapes, consisting of hills, forests, waterfalls, and of course the rivers. If you’re close to the north, you also get to enjoy the views of the mountains at a distance.

Why Is Rafting Better In Nepal

Rafting is an activity that you can go for  no matter what part of the world you’re in. All you need is a boat, a fast flowing river, and an expert guide. However, before you go on an adventure sport as such, make sure to find out - which is the best place for rafting, or why is rafting better in Nepal! Finding the answer to the question - why is rafting better in Nepal, will help you make a confident decision. And you’ll be certain that you want to go to a certain place for rafting, and that place is definitely going to be Nepal. For many reasons, Nepal is one of the best countries in the world for rafting. And this is something that people from all over the world have claimed.

Best rafting trips occur in Nepal, and that factor that’s responsible for it are the rivers. The sources of the majority of rivers in Nepal are the mountains. These mountains are situated either in Tibet, or in Nepal itself. The water that flows in these rivers are fresh, and haven’t experienced human touch. They are cold, pure, milky white, and most importantly, they have great currents in them. These are the kinds of rivers that are considered the best for rafting. Also, during the activity, you get to enjoy magnificent views of the hills and the mountains, and needless to say, Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world when it comes to nature.

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Best Places To go White Water Rafting

The best places to go for white water rafting are definitely the resorts that are situated along the riverside. The thing is, you need to choose the river first before picking the resort that will offer you the rafting related services. The answer to the best places to go water water rafting actually lies in the rivers of Nepal. You need to identify which rivers in Nepal are the best for rafting, and accordingly, go for one. Generally, the rivers in Nepal, which are used for rafting, are categorized on the basis of rapids. There are four categories altogether, and they go from 1 through 4. 1 being the easiest one, and 4 being the toughest. The same river can have Level 1 and Level 4 rapids. It is important to identify which sections to the river have them. Depending on the experience and expertise level of the rafting enthusiasts, a particular section is chosen for them. You could do this yourself, or you could take the help of the resort authority or expert.

Best Rafting Packages offered by Highcamp Adventure:

Sunkoshi River Rafting

Bhotekoshi River Rafting

Seti River Rafting

Karnali River Rafting

Tamur River Rafting

Kali Gandaki River Rafting

White Water Rafting Cost

It is crucial to research about certain factors of your rafting trip, for instance, how much does white water rafting cost!. Finding the answer to the questions like how much does white water rafting cost, can help you plan the trip in a better way. Generally, white water rafting cost depends on the kind of package you’re going for. If it is just a one day thing, where you generally do the rafting thing, and probably have a meal, it might cost around NRs. 2000 to 2500 per person, depending on the travel services provider. However, if you’ve planned days long trip, well, it would really vary based on the number of days, activities, services, and so on.

Kayak Nepal

Kayak Nepal is an activity that takes you on a more extreme level. You are allowed to do kayaking only if you’re an expert level kayak, who has years of experience kayaking in the rivers that flow on the hilly routes as such. During rafting in Nepal, while you’re on a boat with 7 other people and a guide, and you’re constantly assisted by them when it comes to rowing the boat, the kayak does it all by himself. The boat used for kayaking is quite small with the capacity of only one person. He is the one who is solely responsible for rowing and keeping himself safe. Generally, kayak Nepal are used at the time of rafting to offer safety to the rafting enthusiasts.

Adventure In Nepal

Adventure in Nepal is something that anyone can go for. You don’t have to be an expert or an extremely talented sports person to experience adventure in Nepal. There are so many options available out there that there is something available for everyone here. You could try rafting in Nepal, as it is one of the activities that anyone can go for. However, if you’re not quite into rafting, you could go for other activities like Bungee jumping or swing, If you’re not afraid of heights, you could go for a hot air balloon ride or paragliding. If you like water and rock climbing, you could go for cannoning.. The opportunities are infinite; all you have to do is look out.

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There is nothing that beats the fun and excitement that you experience when you bounce off a rapid, and splashes of water hits your face. Apart from the adventure, it is also an activity that brings you closer to your friends, family or colleagues, provided that you’re rafting with them. It is one of the reasons why rafting is preferred by so many Nepalese locals. Make sure to try rafting in Nepal during your trip here. You’re going to love it for sure.

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