Unpredictable Everest Base Camp Weather and Trekking Difficulties

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While a lot of people trek on the Everest Base Camp trek route for the most wonderful pictures of Mount Everest, and the amazing view of Everest Base Camp, there are a lot of others who do it just for the sake of adventure. What makes the journey adventurous is the unpredictable Everest Base Camp Weather, and the other trekking difficulties that they come across. Everest Base Camp weather can be considered as one of the most fatal foes that don’t just impact the climbers, but trekkers as well.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp trek is one of the most preferred treks in the entire country. Every year, around 30000 people from all corners of the world come to Nepal to go for the Everest Base Camp trek. Everest Region that houses Everest Base Camp trek route is a beautiful place. It is gifted with so many spectacles of nature and numerous human elements that will keep you excited and enticed during your journey. One of the major attractions of the trek is Namche Bazaar, which is the busiest market in the region. Other significant villages include Lukla, the home of the most dangerous airport in the world, and Tengboche, which houses Tengboche monastery, the center of culture and religion of the region. Needless to say, the main attraction of the trek is Everest Base Camp which also offers an amazing view of Everest. Standing here is the closest that you can get to Mt. Everest. Kala Patthar, a mini mountain, is another attraction which offers the most amazing views of the peak of Everest, and other mountains in the region.

everest base camp trek weather

Everest Base Camp Weather

Everest Base Camp Weather is very unpredictable. It’s cold and windy most of the times. The ideal time to climb Mt. Everest is considered to be between the months of March and June. The time before these months is too cold, with the temperature going down up to -22⁰C, and time after these months is too windy, with the rainy season right around the corner. Trekking is something that can be done at least twice a year. Trekking in the region generally isn’t effected much by the Everest Base Camp Weather, however, it is suggested that the trekkers avoid extreme cold, rain and snow. Everest Base Camp Weather is one of the main challenges that both the trekkers and the climbers face during their endeavors. If they fail to consider this aspect of this journey, the result could prove to be fatal.

everest base camp trek weather

Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty

Everest Base Camp trek difficulty level is considered to be moderate. It is one of the treks that has elements that make it a strenuous journey, and as well as the ones that make it an easy one. The factors that make it tough consist of high altitude, taking you up to 5545 m, and rough terrain, requiring you to walk on steep and narrow paths. And the factors that make it simple consist of the availability of facilities like accommodations, food, internet, and so on. So, while you’ll be totally drained walking on those paths and facing the cruel weather, the hot shower, the sumptuous meal and the comfortable bed would restore your energy completely for the next day’s journey. This is probably the reason why Everest Base Camp trek difficulty level is marked at average.

Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

When you plan about what to include in your Everest Base Camp Packing List, you need to consider one very important thing. These days, generally, the trekking service providing companies offer trekking equipment on rent. The fees is normally included in the overall package cost. So, it would be a much better idea to simply use the equipment offered by them instead of bringing your own stuffs, and go through all the troubles. Make sure to talk to your travel partner about all this before you decide what to include in your Everest Base Camp packing list. It goes without saying that apart from the trekking equipment, you’d have to carry your clothes, the ones you’d wear while you’re not trekking, and your personal sanitary items. If you take your hygiene strictly, make sure to carry your own stuffs.

everest base camp packing list

Everest Gokyo Lake Trekking

Everest Gokyo Lake Trekking is an extended version of Everest Base Camp trek, and so, going on this journey will let you experience all the attractions that you come across during the Base Camp trek, and more. The major attraction of Everest Gokyo Lake Trekking is the complex of high altitude mountain lakes known as Gokyo Lakes. Altogether, there are 19 lakes in the complex, and the most significant one is called Gokyo Lake. Another important attraction of the journey is Gokyo village, which lies on the bank of Gokyo Lake. As beautiful as this village looks, with the backdrop of the lake and the mountains, it also offers decent food and accommodation services to the trekkers. Another crucial attraction of the trek is Gokyo Ri, which is a mini mountain quite like Kala Patthar. It offers the most amazing views of the peaks in the Everest Region, and so, the trekkers prefer taking a side trip to its peak.

Everest Base Camp Tour

If you’re not quite comfortable with trekking in the region, there are other ways for you to go on the Everest Base Camp Tour. One of the ways that people prefer to go on the Everest Base Camp tour is on a helicopter. Provided that you have the time and resources, you could go on an Everest Base Camp helicopter ride. Altogether, it’s a 5-6 hours long journey. It starts from Tribhuvan International Airport, and it takes you to the Everest Region. In the region, you make stops at prominent places, including the Everest Base Camp, for the most amazing views and experience. You will experience what a trekker feels, but without all the hard work. At the end of the journey, you’re offered a sumptuous luxurious meal at the Everest View Hotel, the hotel that offers the best view of Everest.

Another way for you to experience Everest is on a mountain flight. Technically, it’s not an Everest Base Camp tour, as you don’t get to step on the Everest Base Camp, or any other place in the Everest Region. But you do get to enjoy sweet aerial views of Everest, and the other mountains of the region, from a distance of around 15 km in the air. The journey lasts for a duration of around 1 hour, i.e. from your take off to your landing in Tribhuvan International Airport. During the flight, you don’t just get to enjoy the views of summits in the Everest region, but also that of peaks in the Langtang region. At the end of the flight, you’re offered a glass of complimentary champagne to celebrate the success of your Everest journey, and an experience certificate as a souvenir of the completion of the journey.

Mount Everest Rainbow Valley

Mount Everest Rainbow Valley is a ridge on the peak of Everest. The reason it’s called Rainbow Valley is because the area is full of colorful clothes that cover the dead bodies lying there. Rainbow Valley is one of those sections in the peak that are considered quite dangerous to cross and where maximum deaths happen. The dead bodies of the climbers remain here intact because of the cold climate, still in the same clothes that they wore while climbing. As beautiful and exciting the name sounds the more horrible the place feels. It reminds us how difficult and dangerous attempting the ascent on Everest could be. It shows us the dark side of Everest that is often hidden within the glamor of this majestic peak.

mount everest rainbow valley

If you’re planning to go for either a trek or a climb in the Everest region, make sure to consider the Everest Base Camp Weather. Being certain about the suitability of Everest Base Camp Weather can make your trek not just easy but full of fun as well. On the other hand, if you don’t take Everest Base Camp Weather seriously, and go for the trek or climb during the wrong Everest Base Camp Weather, well, the aftermaths may not be as per your liking. So research well about all the factors of Everest Trekking and Expedition, and make sure to include Everest Base Camp Weather in your research.

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