Manaslu Circuit Trek Permit

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Manaslu is one of the restricted trekking regions in Nepal. You will need Manaslu Circuit Trek Permit before you go there. The permit includes Manaslu RAP, MCAP, and ACAP.

Mt. Manaslu sits on the border between Nepal and Tibet. The Manaslu Base Camp trek shares the border with Tibet. So, there are Government policies in Nepal that have certain requirements. You must get special permits for the Manaslu Circuit trek.

The Manaslu Circuit trekking is among the finest trek in Nepal. The trek takes you into the most remote villages in Nepal. You can witness the basic lifestyles of the villages belonging to Nubri people. The enchanting vistas of Mt Manaslu are amazing. The hikes through variable landscapes are refreshing.

If you want to go to Manaslu Circuit Trek, file your permits as you arrive here in Nepal.

manaslu trek permit cost

Manaslu Circuit Trek Permits with Their Costs

Restricted Area Permit for Manaslu (Manaslu RAP)

During the Manaslu Trek, the area from Jagat to Sama Gaun is the restricted region. You will need to get the special Manaslu trek permit while you go trekking between Jagat and Sama Gaun.

There is a checkpoint for Manaslu RAP in Sama Gaun. After crossing the region, you will need another entry permit, the ACAP!

The price of the restricted area permit varies according to the trekking season. It depends on the number of days that you spend between Jagat and Sama Gaun.

The cost variation of the Manaslu Restricted Area permit is as follows:

  • September to November:USD 70 per person for the first seven days. Pay an extra cost: USD 10 per person per day for the remaining days.
  • December to August:USD 50 per person for the first seven days. You have to pay USD 7 per person per day for the remaining days.

Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP Permit)

Before entering the conservation areas in Nepal, you must get a special permit. You will need the Manaslu Conversation Area Permit to trek into the conservation area. The Manaslu Conservation area starts in Philim.

The price for the MCAP permit remains constant throughout the year. It costs USD 20per person. The number of days of stay doesn’t matter at all. There is no restriction or change in price after you get it once.

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP Permit)

You will enter the Annapurna Conservation Area during the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Before you enter the conservation area in Dharapani, you must get the ACAP permit. The other exit of the Annapurna Conservation Area is in Beshi Sahar.

The price of the ACAP permit is the same as of MCAP permit, USD 20 per person. The cost is the same while trekking at any time of the year. There is no restriction or change in price.

Note: You need a printed photograph for the ACAP and the MCAP permit. We can arrange for your Manaslu Circuit Trek permits. Contact us for detailed information.

Do I Need a TIMS After Obtaining the Other Permits?

TIMS, Trekking Information Management System card is not necessary for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. After getting the Manaslu RAP and the two conservation areas entry permits, there is no need to get a TIMS.

Do you have any connecting trips after Manaslu?

If yes, you will need a TIMS Card. Some trekkers head towards the Annapurna Circuit treks. Some head towards the Annapurna Base Camp Trek from Dharapani. In such cases, you need to get a TIMS.

Getting an ACAP again for connected Annapurna Region Treks is not necessary. The one you got earlier will be valid for Annapurna trek. Keep it safe.

Where can I get Permit for the Manaslu Trek?

You can get it from the Department of the Nepal Immigration Office in Maitighar, Kathmandu. It is where they issue the Manaslu restricted trekking permit.

You cannot get the Manaslu Circuit Trek Permit at Nepal Tourism Board and TAAN. They don’t issue Manaslu trekking permits. But you can get your ACAP and MCAP permits from there.

manaslu trek permit cost

Can I Apply for Manaslu Trek Permit Individually?

There is something that every traveler should know about Manaslu Circuit Trek. Individual trekkers are not allowed in Manaslu Trek. You can only get access to the trek and the trekking permits only when you are trekking with an authorized trekking staff.

As you want to file your Manaslu Circuit trek Permit, you must meet some requirements by the Nepal government before you do. They are:

  • Hiring at least one authorized person from the local trekking agency in Nepal is a must.
  • You must file your special permit via an authorized local trekking agency in Nepal.
  • You must have a group of at least two people excluding the authorized guide or the porter.

You can trek to Manaslu with a guide, a porter, or a guide cum porter. But for Manaslu Trek with porter only, make sure your trekking agency assign an authorized porter for you. (contact us)

Can I Apply for the Permit Before I Arrive in Nepal?

In general, Manaslu Circuit permits are not issued in advance. The Department of Immigration needs to verify your personal details. They will ask for original passport and visa details.

But yes! We allow advance booking of the Manaslu Circuit Trek Permit.

For advance booking of the Manaslu Circuit Trek Permit, you need to submit the following documents:

  • A clearly scanned copy of your passport with a Nepal Visa.
  • Copy of flight tickets with the date of arrival and departure.
  • Consent letter to Immigration Chief. (mention clearly the reasons why do you want to apply for the permit in advance.)
  • Consent letter of the trekking company. (To guarantee the required documents upon arrival.

Does a Child Under 10 Years Age Require Manaslu Trekking Permits?

Are you thinking about spending holidays by trekking in Nepal with your family? Do you want to bring your children under 10 years old? Are you curious about whether you need to get individual permits for them?

The answer is ‘Yes’ You need to get trekking permits for your child below 10 years of age. For Manaslu Circuit Trek, get the restricted area permit RAP, ACAP and MCAP for them too.

Are you thinking how much they will cost? Well, the permits will not cost you a penny. They are all cost-free!

Go through all the official process for permit making. Submit all the necessary documents except for the cost. The process of getting a permit is the same as of adults.

Documents Required for Manaslu Circuit Trek Permit

The entry permits for the Manaslu Circuit Trek are not issued from the checkpoints in the trekking routes. The concerned authorities in Kathmandu issue the permits after you submit essential documents.

Under special circumstances, you can issue the permits at the checkpoints. For this, you will have to pay some extra cost.

You must meet some requirements of the Nepal government to apply for the Manaslu Permit. You must submit these documents:

  • Original passport with the Nepali visa and the arrival stamp.
  • 4 passport sized photos.
  • Clearly readable travel Insurance papers.

Summing Up,

Trekking permits are the most important pre-requisites for trekking in any parts of Nepal. And those who try to escape those permits or cheat on it, they are punished as per law and may have to pay penalties instantly at the various checkpoints. So, as you come for trekking in the Manaslu Circuit do Contact Us to arrange the required permits for this trek. And, trek care-free and comfortable.

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